Make-A-Wish ® – Thank you

In contrast to my usual tendency for privacy, I’ve decided that this is a post that I needed to make, to spread the word about a great organisation.

This is just a quick post to pass on our sincere gratitude and thanks to the Make-A-Wish ® Foundation. We received a call a few days ago and they are going to grant my daughter a wish. This is just the boost that she needed to her confidence and will help her deal with the impact that children’s cancer has had on her. There will need to be some serious wish-thinking in the coming weeks as she ponders some ideas on what her wish could be.

It’s so brilliant that organisations such as Make-A-Wish ® exist and I think that it’s just as important for families like us to show our gratitude back to them. I’ve included a few links below for anyone who would like to learn more about the Make-A-Wish ® Foundation.

Make a Wish Australia Make a Wish America Make a Wish UK

One response to “Make-A-Wish ® – Thank you”

  1. they are a wonderful organization and i’m happy their outreach is coming to your daughter. hugs to you and your family, beth

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