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Today was a big day for me. It was the culmination of months of preparation and planning for a fundraiser that I organised for a cause very close to my heart, Childrens Cancer.

Two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a rare Cancer called Non-Hodgkins Burkitts Lymphoma. It’s an agressive Cancer that as so rare, there are only 2 cases diagnosed in our part of Australia per year (that’s 2 too many). Having survived the surgery and intense treatment, she is now in remission, and is keenly helping me to raise awareness and funds. It was a great day, a proud day, a great cause, and a great movie.

gold ribbonThe force is strong in families fighting childhood Cancer.  A huge thank you to the cinema full of brave families and supporters who helped me raise a wonderful amount for the Kids Cancer Support Group, of which I am proud to be a committee member.KCSG Star Wars

My Review

Brilliant. Go see it … now!

How’s that for spoiler free?

In a nutshell

As above.

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