Awakening (Benjamin Dragon #1) | C.G. Cooper | Book Review

C.G.Cooper AwakeningAWAKENING
(Benjamin Dragon 1)

by C.G. Cooper

Middle Grade | Fantasy | Mystery
Released  8th July 2014






USA TODAY & AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR • ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING VOICES IN FICTION • C. G. Cooper is back with an adventure that is sure to keep kids and adults reading late into the night.

A bully thrown without a touch…
A girl saved from certain death…
Who is this boy named Benjamin Dragon?

What would you do if you found out you had special powers? Find out what Benjamin does when he’s given the chance to snatch life out of the greedy jaws of death itself.  -AMAZON

This is my first freebie from Bookbub. The name suggests Dragons, doesn’t it? I will reveal that it does have Dragons, but I won’t reveal the type.

The story follows Ben, a young gifted ten-year-old adjusting to his latest move to a new school. He’s likable, he’s vulnerable, he’s different, and he’s gifted.

It’s this gift that is the focus of the story as it explores the trials of his journey to determine his path in life. Young Ben has some big decisions to make. It’s an engaging read and I did find myself reading it whenever I had the chance. (Make sure you keep an eye out for the Hagridy guy.)

Quite an enjoyable read that nicely sets up the series. Love the cover too. Book 2 is called Legacy.

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  1. Sounds like one I would enjoy.

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