Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery | Scott Peters | Book Review

 Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery
(Zet Mystery Case #2)

by Scott Peters


Middle Grade | Mystery
156 pages
Released 2nd November 2012



Do You Love Mysteries? “Zet and the Egyptian Amulet Mystery” Will Keep You Up All Night, Guessing Until The Last Page.

Zet and Kat are back.

When the Nile town of Thebes is threatened by a scarab-amulet eating ghost, Zet is determined to uncover the truth. Is the ghost real?

Meanwhile, Zet’s best friend, a jeweler’s apprentice, is in trouble. Could the ghost and his best friend’s ominous master be connected somehow?As if he didn’t have enough trouble to deal with, special orders have gone missing at Zet’s family pottery stall. With angry customers on his hands, his family reputation is going downhill fast. Soon the investigation becomes a race against time. Zet and Kat must solve the ever-twisting puzzle before it destroys the people they love. GOODREADS

Zet is an immersive adventure that takes young readers through the daily struggles of Egyptian life. The story picks up a short time after book one and the scene is set well. I could almost feel the heat and smell the dust of Thebes.

Zet and his sister, Kat, have another mystery to solve and must use their own ingenuity to help their friend, without arousing the suspicion of the bad guys. The story is a well-paced mystery for young readers to solve, with clues being well spaced to keep interest and entice further reading. The readers learn at the same pace as Zet, so we are in synch when the final secrets are uncovered.

This is a great middle-grade read that focuses on friendship and teamwork while solving a mystery, with a good dose of history thrown in.

My review of book 1, Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll is here.

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