The Paladins of Naretia | T.P. Keane | Book Review

(Naretia book 1)

TP Keane The Paladins| by T.P. Keane |

| Young Adult | Fantasy |

| 330 pages |

| Published 28th February  2016 |

| Kindle edition |





Olórin’s adopted son, Aramus, is a creature unlike any in the kingdom of Naretia. He is feared by all, and holds a darkness inside that is said will end all life by his eighteenth birthday. Olórin must scour the kingdom for godly ingredients to make a potion for Aramus that will save them all. He is hoping his son’s human side will prevail over the rising darkness within him, for long enough to outrun their enemies.

But Aramus’s real father, the dark God Dantet, desires his son’s powers so he might, once again, walk on mortal soil. His legion of dark creatures follow Olórin and Aramus at every turn, trying to kill them. Dantet’s army, however, is not the only one wanting Aramus dead. Something, or someone, changes fate’s hand. Neither Dantet, nor Olórin, can see the terrible future that threatens them all. Even the traitors within the wizard caste are blind to what is coming.

But it is coming. GOODREADS

THE PALADINS OF NARETIA is a debut novel from author T.P. Keane, and is the first book in a series. It centres around three main characters, The blood queen (a 17 yo nasty piece of work who has sworn to avenge the death of her parents), a winged descendant of a dark god (who is subject of a prophecy that could destroy Naretia), and a wizard, Olorin (who is charged with making sure the prophecy isn’t fulfilled). And so, the foundations are laid for an epic fantasy tale.

The world building is done well, and there was enough detail to clearly picture the settings as I read. We follow the journey as Olorin leads the quest from one far corner of Naretia to the other, all in the name of a mysterious prophecy. The underlying dark history behind it provides plenty of twists and questionable characters along the way.

My favorite character was definitely the Scottish troll, Bernard. What a funny guy. Perfectly done. His reactions and banter were priceless. There is a lot of change and growth in the main characters as they learn about themselves and each other. The many hardships they face bring out friendship, loyalty, and at times, surprises.

I found that the mood and tone softened as the story progressed, there was definitely more humor in the second half, probably due to the increased involvement of Bernard.

A good read for fans of wizards, trolls, creatures and fantastic settings. Bernard the dwarf is a scream, undoubtedly my favorite character. I am interested in reading the next book.

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