Justice (Jet 6) | Russell Blake | Book Review

 Justice (Jet 6)

Jet 6

by Russell Blake

Action | Thriller
Released  23rd December 2013

Kindle edition


JET – Justice continues the saga of the former Mossad operative as she battles to survive in a world intent on destroying her. From the streets of Argentina to the corridors of power in Moscow, her past continues to haunt her even as she flees it with all her heart.

Ever since reading the first Jet book I’ve been a fan. Justice is book 6 and just like the others it’s full of great action and has a plot full of twists. (FYI this definitely isn’t MG).

Dante (the main bad guy) is simply put… a pig. His business deeds contain some very heavy content. I’m just glad these bad guys are only in books. Once again, Jet kicks ass to protect the vulnerable.

Full on action with great plot lines that merge so well.

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