HaPpY HaLLoWeeN from the SpOOkieSt PLaCe oN EaRtH

While Halloween isn’t as big here in Australia as it is in the US, it’s gathering momentum and trick-or-treating is becoming a thing. Our recent trip to the US (+ the Rockies in Canada), specifically Los Angeles, included (as always) a trip to Disneyland.


This was our first visit to Disneyland during the Halloween season. As expected, the happiest place on earth has become the spookiest place on earth. On selected nights there was Mickey’s Halloween Party.

We didn’t stay for the night party (due to our previous negative experience with overcrowding at their 2014 Xmas party in Orlando). From late afternoon, as the night guests started arriving, the atmosphere started to ramp up. To see masses of people dressed in Halloween costumes added a new dimension to the already magical feel of Disneyland. Some of the costumes were incredible. I wish I’d had the cheek to ask people to stop for photos. Normal day guests were cleared from the park around 6ish leaving the Halloween party ticket holders with the amazingly decorated park to enjoy a night of special entertainment and treats.

As a consolation prize for those of you who can’t get there to see it for yourself, I hope you enjoy the pics below of some of the incredible Halloween decorations (by day).

img_8263b2d19796-a916-4b9f-99b9-6fcfa310cf01img_8242img_8241img_824357819ca0-fcc0-4aed-840c-de09b79f7cb40725fbbf-7cbe-4ee5-bdc8-69898c8f348d09f3e3ac-465a-40e5-9518-2b066540ba4afullsizerender-2 img_8218

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