I’ve Done It Again. Change Is Good.

As a writer, my mind is like a storm. Always churning with plots and characters, and swirling with twists and turns. Writing a book is the longest part. It takes years to blend your ideas into a cohesive and engaging story. After the writing comes the cover and the release, then there’s the long road of marketing and getting your books in front of readers who you know would love the tale.

To change the story could take just as long as writing. There is always the urge to review, rewrite, hone and revive. The constant pull that you can make your best even better never leaves. I’m guilty of giving into that. Evidenced by my current revision of my first three books (The Quest Series now the JJ Sterling series). It’s taking me plenty of time, but I’m driven to make them as good as they can be.

So, my other series, Time Square, sits quietly on Amazon trying to be noticed while I’m otherwise engaged. What can I do quickly to refresh it and hopefully make it more visible to potential readers? … Revise it? … Heck no! … readers love it … and I’m already busy doing that for my other books, anyway. The cover … yeah … I could change the cover. Of course, why didn’t I think of that before? Well, I already did that a year ago, but my tastes change. It must be in my DNA. I can’t help but always try to improve and change. Everything else around us changes so fast, so why not book covers? There’s no reason why not. After all, it’s the power of an Indie that means I can get these things done.

So, having tried above to justify my decision to make a change, it’s now time to reveal the fruit of my labor. I’ve spent many hours over the past month designing and creating these new covers. As of this week, I have set them up on Amazon and Goodreads for the Kindle editions. There’s more work to be done before I can update the paperback editions.  I hope you like them.


2 responses to “I’ve Done It Again. Change Is Good.”

  1. Good job, good thinking, good design! Best wishes!


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