Behold the moment. Life is a gift.

Dreams of what we want to be and do are in all of us. Our hopes, our wants, our experiences, our life journeys. They are our core. They made us what we are today and guide us to where we are going.

We all know that the world can be dangerous. The world can be scary. The world can be cruel. We see it online every waking hour. But never forget that the world can also be wonderful. Look for the good things, but don’t forget the bad things … learn from them. 

Time is fleeting. It passes before you know it’s gone. It never stops.

Life is short. Life is a gift. We all get caught up in the world of working, pleasing and surviving. There’s an old saying… stop to smell the roses. Never was there a truer phrase.

Life is fast. Life is always changing. What you do today builds what you do tomorrow. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Today is tomorrow’s memory. Today is to be lived. Appreciate it. Live it. Tomorrow is your future.

Life can change in an instant. Life is short. Don’t look past what is right in front of you. Cherish your family. Cherish your health. Cherish your friends. Build your memories. Build your soul. Do some good.

Stop to smell those roses. Today will soon become the good old days.

Macklemore (feat. Kesha) – Good Old Days

One response to “Behold the moment. Life is a gift.”

  1. Wise advice, Steve. Unfortunately, until something terrible happens that changes our lives, many don’t live their life to the fullest. Well said, my friend!

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