J.K. Likes Me

JK Like

So … this is a really self-indulgent spur-of-the-moment post that’s short on content but big on content at the same time. As with most people in the bookish world, I’m a huge J.K. Rowling fan and she has been the single biggest inspiration and role model as a writer. I have a little story to tell.

Rewind a little over 24 hours and I’m sitting on my couch flicking through my Twitter feed (as you do) and J.K. tweets some news about what she’s up to.

“I’m editing #LethalWhite (Strike no. 4) right now and it’ll be out later in the year.”

Hmmm… I think… that’s brilliant news – I love the Cormoran Strike series. So I retweet with a few of my own simple words added… “I’m loving this news.”

So … time starts to pass (as it does), then a short time later I pick up my iPad to check Twitter again (as you do) … then it happens. A Notification pops up in living color…

“J.K. Rowling liked your tweet”

Luckily, I was sitting on the couch at the time, I started to hyperventilate and tried to contemplate what had just happened. J.K. liked my tweet. In a world of 7 billion people, she liked my tweet. It’s a fact – I’m now just one degree of social media separation from the most influential person in my writing, ever. I stood and ran to my kids like a fanboy and told them the incredible news. They (as usual) smiled and looked at me like I was an alien … “Great job, Dad. Well done.”

“J.K. liked my tweet,” I repeated.

“Yeah, we heard. That’s awesome. Well done, Dad.”

So, I rushed back to the couch to check the tweet again and send the response that I was sure she was waiting for (as anyone would). “OMG …I’m hyperventilating @jk_rowling … you liked my tweet … OMG again”

Then, I rechecked my original tweet again. The ‘impressions’ were ticking over as I watched … 500 … 1000 … 2000 … 5000 etc. One simple ‘like’ and my tweet had become bigger than big. The ‘impressions’ have been steadily increasing ever since… at the last check and it was up 16,500+ and still ticking like a clock.

“Wow,” I hear you say.

“Wow,” I say back. “Yes, it’s true. J.K. likes me.”

End of Fanboy rant.

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3 responses to “J.K. Likes Me”

  1. Congrats, Steve! Way to go to get some well-deserved attention, my friend! You never know how that ripple effect will change your life! Wink. Cheers!


  2. Well done. You’ve hit the big time! 🙂


  3. […] the Fantastic Beasts story has of course been written by the wonderful J.K. Rowling (who likes me here) and is bound to be another hit with fans. From what I’ve read about this one, it turns a […]


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