Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody | Movie Trailer

I have been a big fan of Queen for as long as I can remember. Their music transcends time, ages, and people. It has never aged and always sounds as brilliant when I hear it as it did all those years ago.

I saw the stage production (not the band, the musical) at the London Palladium a number of years ago and absolutely loved it, it was incredible. So, when I heard that a movie was being made I’ve been keeping an eye on its progress.

To be honest, I tend to cringe when I hear about movies that depict icons from my lifetime, as in my opinion, they always look fake and I can never really accept the actor as the person they are portraying. So I’m really quite confused about how I will deal with this movie. Visually, I don’t think the main actor looks like Freddie Mercury – but he may nail the acting component – Am I being too shallow and judgmental?

Even with all of my doubts, I do feel that the musical aspect would be hard not to love.

The trailer below for Bohemian Rhapsody has only recently been released and the movie is due in theaters on 2 November 2018.


This second clip is still very new. It has additional footage from the movie and gives a bit more insight.

My verdict: The music will be the star of this movie. I’m still undecided whether I’ll see it, given my opinion of movies about modern icons.

What do you think about movies about modern icons?

Do you find them believable or cringy?

Did the extra glimpse at the content in the second clip change your opinion?

Please take a minute to let me know in the comments below.



One response to “Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody | Movie Trailer”

  1. Loved Queen growing up. One of my favourites: “You’re my best friend” still brings me back. Cheers for the trailer, Steve!


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