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SANTA CLARITA DIET is another ‘late’ Netflix discovery for me. Season 3 has dropped in the past few months and that meant I had some catching up to do. Drew Barrymore is brilliant as a one half of a husband-wife realtor team who suddenly find themselves in an extremely unappetizing situation. Drew’s character, Sheila, is central in this black-horror-comedy set in American suburbia. She wakes one day to find herself ‘undead’. This new facet of her ‘life’ brings with it a whole lot of complexity and new situations to deal with. The need to eat people being the biggest change.

To whet your appetite (without grossing the queasy too early with this horror-comedy), here’s a recent interview with the stars and some behind the scenes footage that was on Good Morning America.

The casting is great. Timothy Olyphant plays her ever-supportive husband, Joel, who is super keen to find a cure so they can resume a normal life. And Liv Hewson (an exciting actress who hails from Australia but nails the American accent) as her incredibly likeable daughter, Abby, who is also trying to deal with the standard teen issues. Skyler Gisondo plays the next door neighbour, Eric, who is smitten with Abby but is also the one who possesses an intellect that helps the Hammonds cope with their newfound lifestyle.

I’m currently half way through series 3 and I’m just as into it now as I was when I watched the first episode. There are some things potential watchers need to know: Yes – there’s swearing. Yes – there’s plenty of gore. Yes – there are some themes that not everyone may easily digest … but the bottom line is, this is black-horror-comedy that is done extremely well.

Even though I’ve never really been into zombies and undead, I thoroughly enjoy and recommend this series. The bad news is that I’ve just heard Netflix won’t be making a season 4. (That is sad, Netflix. So very sad).

Give Santa Clarita Diet a go. It’s a feast of hilarious and cleverly blended undead gore in a pleasant suburban setting, delivered by a great cast headlined by the wonderful Drew Barrymore.

Spoilers Below – Watch at Your Own Risk

Season 1 Trailer
Season 2 Trailer
Season 3 Trailer

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