Who Are ‘The Secret Runners of New York’ In Matthew Reilly’s Latest Book?


Kindle Edition | Released 26 March 2019 | 254 pages

‘The windows on all the skyscrapers are smashed…
No power, no lights, no people…
It’s a parallel New York of some kind.’
When Skye Rogers and her twin brother Red move to Manhattan, rumours of a coming global apocalypse are building. But this does not stop the young elite of New York from partying without a care.
And then suddenly Skye is invited to join an exclusive gang known as the Secret Runners of New York. But this is no ordinary clique – they have access to an underground portal that can transport them into the future. And what Skye discovers in the future is horrifying.
As society crumbles, Skye and Red race to figure out how to use their knowledge to survive the impending annihilation, they soon discover that the chaotic end of the world is perfect time for revenge…

Even when I was only 23% into this book, I knew it was my favorite read so far this year.  The Secret Runners of New York is unlike anything that Matthew Reilly has ever released before … and … he nailed it.

TSRofNY is an original story that explores wealth, privilege, cliques, and time-travel. It centers around an exclusive college in New York City that is only accessible to the extremely wealthy. Imagine Mean Girls on steroids in New York with a time travel twist.

The first half focuses on building characters, revealing the status levels of ‘rich’ society, and of the power plays that are in place. Where one stands in that society depends solely on dollars and parentage, and the status of those families. Skye Rogers is the main protagonist who has moved to the big apple from out of town. We follow her as she becomes integrated into the social machine of the uber-rich. New friends and new frenemies abound. Reilly captures the complexity of these relationships and shows how precarious they can be. Where a simple gesture can bring friendship and loyalty one day … and on another, brutal reality rears its head to show that ‘friendship’ has its limits.

As we meander through the pressures of Skye’s new NYC life, there is an obvious but understated (and important) plotline evolving before us. Mixed in with talk of a doomed future and entitlement of the elite, we learn of previous students who have mysteriously vanished. And given the lower social status of the missing, their disappearances remain unsolved and seemingly swept aside. But, of course, with something so sinister, you can be sure there’s more to these events than first meets the eye.

I’d rather not go into detail about New York’s bleak future or the time-travel aspect, as that’s all part of underlying thread that pulls things together. Let’s just say …. New York is more than New York, it exists in more ways than one. Twists are revealed that ultimately build to a terrifying and thrilling climax. This book will teach you to be careful of who you trust and to keep your enemies closer.

Source: Hot Key Books (YouTube)

The Secret Runners of New York is a great new release from Matthew Reilly that’s different to anything he’s written before. Great plot. Great story-telling. Great read. This is New York city with a twist.

New York City has a secret hidden beneath its surface.

If you’re in search of your next read, look no further than this incredible New York City thriller. SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA is full of unexpected twists, edge-of-your-seat action, and addictive suspense. Hunger Games and Maze Runner fans love it!

Each year, more than 20,000 people go missing in New York City. Of these, 6,500 are runaways and 12,700 are found alive. But 1,400 are never found. What happens to them?

“Readers of The Hunger Games and Scott Westerfeld’s novels will like this YA dystopian. The writing is superb.” – Amazon

Palliatopia is the place you don’t want to be, and the place you can never leave.

They will take your life.
They will take your dreams.
They will take your future.

Look up from your feed … before it’s too late

3 responses to “Who Are ‘The Secret Runners of New York’ In Matthew Reilly’s Latest Book?”

  1. I can’t wait to read this. He is one of my favorite authors! If I had to choose a favorite book, it would probably be the Contest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree. Contest was awesome. Perhaps it’s due for a reread.


  2. I’ve read it several times and think it would be a wicked movie!


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