Hidden Figures – Disney+

HIDDEN FIGURES is one of those movies I’ve wanted to see (and book to read) since I first heard of it. Finally I had the chance to sit down and watch it on Disney+. Wow, what an incredibly inspiring movie. I absolutely love stories about the underdog finding their voice and rising above the challenges they face.

The setting, the locations, the cast, the wardrobe. Nothing in there made me doubt it wasn’t authentic 1961. It was the time when the space race was at its peak and the USA and Russia were determined to be first. NASA were facing some very tough challenges and relying on its specialized workforce (which were mainly white males). As they struggled to solve the problem, the answers they needed came from the most unexpected source.

Enter three amazing women, Katherine (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy (Octavia Spencer), and Mary (Janelle Monáe). They all work for NASA, but are hidden in the background. It seemed that their contribution was needed but didn’t warrant center stage. The quest for space was an important period in history, but the underlying story in this movie is even more important.

HIDDEN FIGURES covers the terrible challenges these women faced from society, simply because of their gender and race. And for someone like me who wasn’t alive at the time, it’s troubling to know that’s how it was. I was reminded of that old-fashioned and outdated saying, ‘Behind every man is great woman’, but this story shows that behind the men in the greatest race of all, there were even greater women.

In a time such as now, where this stain on society has once again reared its head, we need to take notice and learn. Look at the mistakes of the past, and don’t make them again in the future. The struggles that these three women faced were inexcusable and sad. I absolutely admire their intelligence, their strength, and their resolve. And for them to have the bravery to rise up and fight peacefully against the oppression with such dignity and resilience is beyond words.

So many things spring to mind when I think of this movie. Resilience. Adversity. Prejudice. Pushing boundaries. Inspirational. Moving. Memorable. Realizing one’s potential. I guess you can gather that I loved this movie. Take a look for yourself at the trailer below.

So many things spring to mind. Resilience. Adversity. Prejudice. Equality. Pushing boundaries. Inspirational. Moving. Memorable. I don’t think I can recommend this movie enough. It’s a must for anyone with a heart.

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  1. I love this movie. I learned a lot and loved the characters. Since seeing the movie I have read the book and the picture book for kids. So important to spread the word about this story and these amazing women. Great post!


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