Angels and Demons (Robert Langdon 1) – Dan Brown


PAPERBACK EDITION | Released 23 MAY 2006 | 496 pages

CERN Institute, Switzerland: a world-renowned scientist is found brutally murdered with a mysterious symbol seared onto his chest.

The Vatican, Rome: the College of Cardinals assembles to elect a new pope. Somewhere beneath them, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to oblivion.

A breath-taking race against time: Harvard professor Robert Langdon must decipher a labyrinthine trail of ancient symbols if he is to defeat those responsible – the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years, reborn to continue their deadly vendetta against their most hated enemy: the Catholic Church. – AMAZON

I first read this book when it was originally released. I remember how much I loved it and was keen to reread to see if it still held that same magic. Angels and Demons occurs before the most famous Robert Langdon book, The Da Vinci Code, and is a gripping thriller that sweeps readers through the beautiful city of Rome.

It explores the age old collision of beliefs between church and science. The underlying plot as all about how civilization has reached a point where science can explain away many things that have been at the core of religion for thousands of years. The Vatican is targeted by an ancient organization called the Illuminati in a final battle of science vs religion.

I always love how Dan Brown can incorporate real locations, history, and legend into an intricate story. The historical settings he uses are full of mystery and backstory, whilst being identifiable to modern readers as places many of us know about or have visited. For me, I think that is part of the magic of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon books. With each book I’m reminded of my travels through Europe and my visits to the places he describes. It’s that link that makes these books more than books. They’re almost like windows to settings I can see and feel as I read.

Angels and Demons is a thriller full of twists and twisted deeds. A killer on the loose while even bigger threats loom. Ironically, one thing I was able to do as I read the book this time was make use of the great advances in technology made by science. I could follow the plot through the streets of Rome on Apple Maps in amazing 3D. This was so helpful in seeing how the plot played out across the city and of the buildings and monuments being described. This ability, afforded by science, added another layer to the pages as I read them.

Next for me is to re-watch the movie. My memories of it are that it was just as enthralling. If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a couple of original trailers. The second one is the best.

This Angels and Demons re-read has reinforced how much I loved this book the first time. The thriller ride through the beautiful city of Rome is the stuff of which great books are made. Recommended for fans of thriller books that build on history with a gripping plot and provide fast-paced action.

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