Series Trouble | I’ve Started, Should I Finish? | Janitors

The next series in my Series Trouble series is... Regular visitors will know that I've decided to do a series (yes it's completely ironic) of posts to share my impressions (from when I read the books) of some series that I've started but not yet finished. I recently realised that I'm part way through so many series … Continue reading Series Trouble | I’ve Started, Should I Finish? | Janitors

Janitors (Janitors #1) | Tyler Whitesides | Book Review

| by Tyler Whitesides | | Young Adult | |Fantasy | | 288 pages | | Published August 3, 2011 | The magical, secretive society of JANITORS swept the country in the fall of 2011. Have you ever fallen asleep during math class? Are you easily distracted while listening to your English teacher? Do you find … Continue reading Janitors (Janitors #1) | Tyler Whitesides | Book Review