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The Double Vision series grabbed my attention the first time I saw the  cover, then when I read the blurb it had me, so I added it to my ever  growing TBR list. Finally, after lingering at the edge of my mind I looked  into grabbing a copy. Unfortunately, the ebook wasn’t available to me in Australia via Amazon, but I wasn’t going to let go. So I tracked down a  paperback version at The Book Depository in the UK and ordered myself a  copy.

The verdict – I loved it (see my review here). Not only is Double Vision a great series full of cool action and characters, but book 1 is set in one of my all time favourite cities, Paris. My plan was to order a copy of book 2 and continue the series, but over time my TBR got the better of me … yes, I have to admit that I lost control. Fast forward to October 2014 and you can imagine how I felt when I heard that book 3 was released. “Doh!” to quote a famous American. Now I not only have to read book 2, but also book 3. Both are still blipping away on my radar, and I know that the next couple of months are already packed full. DING! I’ve just had a great idea! I think I’ll look for them in bookstores during my US travels in November/December, I think they’d be a great souvenir.

Anyway, back on subject … I decided that I wanted to share the series with visitors to my site even before I’ve read them, as I feel they’d be a great idea for Xmas gifts. Given that I won’t post my own reviews for books 2 & 3 for a couple of months, I thought it may be a good idea to create a post with links to some Amazon and Goodreads reviews.

Double Vision 1Buy at AmazonI didn’t read this book, my son did. And he loved it, his nose was glued to it … It really has been, as far as I can tell, the best book he’s read. … Highly recommend, and we’re definitely getting the second as soon as it comes out.”
(See the full GOODREADS review here)

“The other day I came home from work to have my 8-year-old son at the door with this giant smile on his face. He’s reading Double Vision by F.T. Bradley, and he couldn’t wait to tell me about the mess of trouble the main character, Linc, has gotten himself into.”
(See the full GOODREADS review here)

Double Vision 2Buy at Amazon“Bradley weaves history, D.C. landmarks, the Culper Spy ring, puzzles, danger and laughs into another fun and fast thrill ride of a book.”
(See the full GOODREADS review here)

“I think what I like best about F. T. Bradley’s Double Vision series is Linc Baker, the protagonist. He’s just an average 12-year-old with an above average ability to get into trouble.”
(See the full AMAZON review here)

Double Vision 3Buy at Amazon“Double Vision: The Alias Men by F.T. Bradley is probably one of the best spy novels I’ve read, and easily one of my favorite books this year.”
(See the full GOODREADS review here)

Are you keen to see more from Double Vision star, Linc?
Click here for a surprise!

4 responses to “MG Double Vision Series | F.T. Bradley”

  1. Thanks for the awesome shout-out! I’m humbled… 🙂


    1. You’re welcome. I love the series.


  2. I love the Double Vision series and I am so happy to see ti spotlighted here! I agree with you that the set is an excellent holiday present for boys or girls. Linc has such an exciting life. 🙂


    1. I’ll be looking out for 2 & 3 in the bookshops. It’s good to buy yourself gifts too!


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