Ready Player One – Movie Trailers (2018)

Here’s another short impulsive unplanned post. I used to post kids animation movie trailers on here a few years ago, which were quite popular with visitors. I’m wondering if it might be time to start posting them again, but not limiting them to only kids animation. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see more.

Here are the trailers for  READY PLAYER ONE which is due out very soon. I’ve just purchased this book and it’s likely to be the next one on my reading list. From the looks of the trailers, it should be a cracker but I hope they are clever at making the CG effects and live-action scenes work well together.

One of the most public things I know about this is the controversy over the movie poster (IMO such a huge thing in the world of important news …  not).

It seems that someone in the creative department made a bit of a stuff up when they photoshopped the hero’s leg on the poster to make it too long.

Hmmm, it is rather long but I have read that it’s all down to the angle making it look weird. I’ve seen some pics with a skeleton superimposed over it and it actually is all in proportion. Phew!




3 responses to “Ready Player One – Movie Trailers (2018)”

  1. sharonledwith Avatar

    A MUST see, Steve! Thanks for the trailer! Cheers!


  2. I love this book so much! I hope you enjoy it, too. I’m a little nervous about the movie, but I’m still running a library program with vintage and VR video games to celebrate.


    1. I’m looking forward to reading it too. I try to look at books and movies as just different ways of telling a story and ‘try’ not to compare them. I hope you like the movie 🍿

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