Ready or Not | Movie Trailer

Ready or Not is a movie due out in October 2019. When I saw this trailer it was one of those that led me through a whole range of reactions. Shock, surprise, humor, erghhh, looks good. From what I can tell it's a black comedy (not sure how much though) thriller that seems to have … Continue reading Ready or Not | Movie Trailer


IO | Netflix

What would you do if you were all alone on Earth? The animals have disappeared, the Earth is dying, the human race has given up, and the people have fled. IO is a Netflix original movie that was released on 18 January 2019. In a nutshell, it's a dystopian sci-fi that explores the very essence … Continue reading IO | Netflix

Lost In Space | Series 1 | Netflix

Growing up, one of my favorite tv shows after school was Lost in Space. There was something about it that captured my imagination and hoped that the Robinsons would find their way home someday. Now, as an adult I realise they were never going to get home - that would mean the end of the … Continue reading Lost In Space | Series 1 | Netflix

Spies in Disguise | Movie Trailer

When I first saw the trailer for Spies in Disguise, I thought, Where did this come from? It's one of those movies that I'd never heard of that just popped up out of nowhere. I'm a huge fan of CG animation. It's an awesome artform that can become compelling and funny if it's done well. … Continue reading Spies in Disguise | Movie Trailer

Aladdin | Movie Trailer

Disney have been on a  mission over recent years to turn their classic favorite animations into real live action movies. Here's more than a few to keep in mind, Beauty and the Beast (2017), Cinderella (2015), The Lion King (2019), The Jungle Book (2016), Maleficent (2014), Dumbo (2019), Christopher Robin (2018), Alice Through the Looking … Continue reading Aladdin | Movie Trailer

A Series of Unfortunate Events | Season 1 | Netflix

I've just started streaming the series, A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1) on Netflix and I have to say it's incredibly different. Although I've never read the books, I'm already hooked on its quirkiness and originality. For those of you who recall the original movie that starred Jim Carrey - I hear that it's … Continue reading A Series of Unfortunate Events | Season 1 | Netflix

Schindler’s List | 25th Anniversary | Movie Trailer

It's incredible to think that it's been 25 years since the groundbreaking movie, Schindler's List, was released. I can still remember the Oscar buzz and the great response from the industry and audiences to this movie. It was more than a movie. It was a statement about how good can come from even the worst … Continue reading Schindler’s List | 25th Anniversary | Movie Trailer

Mortal Engines | Movie Trailer

The Books Mortal Engines, the first book in the Predator Cities series, was released in 2001. It focusses on a futuristic (but Victorian-era) steampunk London. The story is in the period that follows a number of apocalyptic events that have resulted in the transformation of London (and I assume many other cities) into enormous machines … Continue reading Mortal Engines | Movie Trailer

Johnny English Strikes Again | Movie Trailer

Who in this world doesn't like Rowan Atkinson? I hear silence. Well, I have some great news ... there's a new Johnny English movie on the way. In a world where we are bombarded with new superhero movies every week it's nice to have a favorite (different type of hero) return to the big screen. … Continue reading Johnny English Strikes Again | Movie Trailer

Manifest | Stream/TV Trailer

This is a new idea I'm trialling, Stream/TV Sunday, where I post about new upcoming TV and/or streaming shows and series. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more in the future. Manifest is a very intriguing sci-fi television series from iconic director Robert Zemeckis, starring Melissa Roxburgh , Josh … Continue reading Manifest | Stream/TV Trailer