Chasing Ivan (Kyle Achilles 0.5) | Tim Tigner | Thriller | Book Review

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Kindle edition | Action | Thriller | 150 pages
Released 6 January 2016

Rumor has it there’s a Russian you can turn to if you’re very rich, and need dirty deeds done without a trace. The CIA calls him Ivan the Ghost because he’s operated for years without leaving a trail or revealing his face.

Until now.

For the first time in history, Ivan appears to have slipped. The CIA’s new director sets Agent Kyle Achilles on an intercept course, surveilling the daughter of a British politician. Then Ivan pulls off a masterful con, and Emily vanishes.

With Emily’s life, his career, and America’s reputation at stake, Achilles partners with an unlikely new agent he meets in France. Together they attempt to get one step ahead of the legendary Russian, while rubbing elbows with the ultra-rich in a high-tech international chase. – GOODREADS

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This is the second Tim Tigner book I’ve read and it didn’t disappoint. Chasing Ivan is a short (150p novella) thriller that is set at a time before the Kyle Achilles series and provides some great background on the main character, Kyle.

The plot is quite cool and hooked me in without any reluctance from my side. A secretive bad guy for hire by the rich (Ivan the Ghost) has always baffled the authorities. He never leaves clues, and no one even knows what he looks like. Enter, Kyle Achilles, a CIA operative who has just the skill mix needed to track Ivan the Ghost down. Kyle teams up with a savvy new agent, Jo, and together they hatch a plan to bring him in.

From urban London to the flashy coastline of the French Riviera, this book also has suspense, intrigue, glamour, thrills, and great settings. The plot is well paced, and the writing lends itself to be easy to read and follow. I don’t think there was any part of the book where I felt it was slow or lacking incentive for me to keep reading. The twists kept coming and I kept reading. I was fully engaged from page one to the end.

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Chasing Ivan is a great short thriller that I recommend to fans of thrills, spills, action, and intrigue. You can pick this book up for free from Tim’s site . It’s a great (free) introduction to the Kyle Achilles series.

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