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Let’s just say that this year has gone faster than the last donut on the Simpsons. It’s that time of year to summarise all of the reviews that I’ve posted this year.

My 25ish reading selections have been a bit hit and miss this year, so the number of reviews I’ve done is less than usual. I believe that enjoyment of a book is different from one reader to another,  therefore I don’t tend to post reviews for books that I haven’t enjoyed.

The books below are the ones that I enjoyed enough to earn a review.

ORIGIN (Robert Langdon 5) by Dan Brown

Kindle Edition | Action | Thriller | 480 pages

Released 3 October 2017

In a Nutshell
Origins is a must for Dan Brown fans. Even though it’s book 5 in the series, it’s a standalone story that doesn’t require readers to have read the previous books. If this is the first Robert Langdon book that you read, I’m confident it will whet your appetite to read the others.

See my full review HERE.


ULTRAXENOPIA (Project W.A.R. 1) by M.A.Phipps

Kindle Edition | Dystopian | Thriller | 298 pages

Released 1 August 2017

In a Nutshell
Ultraxenopia is an exciting and engaging read recommended for fans of dystopian fiction. Wynter’s story had me hooked from page one, reminding me of Hunger Games and Divergent, but with an original twist. Book two is definitely on my TBR list.

See my full review HERE.


CHASING IVAN (Kyle Achilles 0.5) by Tim Tigner

Kindle Edition | Action | Thriller | 150 pages

Released 6 January 2016

 In a Nutshell
This book has suspense, intrigue, glamour, thrills, and great settings. Chasing Ivan is a short thriller that I recommend to fans of thrills, spills, action, and intrigue. You can pick up a copy for free from Tim’s site www.timtigner.com . It’s a great (free) introduction to the Kyle Achilles series.

See my full review HERE.


PUSHING BRILLIANCE (Kyle Achilles 1) by Tim Tigner

Kindle Edition | Action | Thriller | 375 pages

Released 14 July 2016

In a Nutshell
Pushing Brilliance is a gritty, exciting and thrilling tale of murder, espionage, corruption, and the insatiable human thirst for power. Recommended for readers who love the thrill of the chase peppered with unexpected twists and turns.

See my full review HERE.


LIBRARY OF SOULS (Miss Peregrine 3) by Ransom Riggs

Kindle Edition | Young Adult | Fantasy | 465 pages

Released 22 September 2015

In a Nutshell
The final book in the Miss Peregrine series didn’t disappoint and is filled with the same magic, action, and quirkiness I enjoyed in books 1 and 2. It’s another of those times when I have to accept that the series is over. Recommended for fans of original fantasy, quirk, and vivid settings.

See my full review HERE. 


THE SERPENT’S SHADOW (Kane Chronicles 3) by Rick Riordan

Kindle Edition | Middle Grade / Young Adult | Fantasy | 406 pages

Released 1st May 2012

In a Nutshell
For some reason, I didn’t connect with the series as much as I expected I would. On the whole, I’m glad I’ve read the series, even though it took me 3 (cough) years to get through the 3 books. Maybe a miss if mythology isn’t your thing.

See my full review HERE.


THE FOUR LEGENDARY KINGDOMS (Jack West Jr 4) by Matthew Reilly

Kindle Edition | Action | Adventure | Thriller | 400 pages

Released 18 October 2016

In a Nutshell
Four Legendary Kingdoms is part of an ongoing series that follows the exploits of Jack West Jr. The book is an adrenaline filled adventure. In the early part of this one, I was initially confused.  Another good off-the-scale adventure from MR. Maybe not as gripping as previous books in the series, but still a good way to escape reality.

 See my full review HERE.


REVERSION by Amy Rogers

Kindle Edition | Science Fiction | Thriller | 284 Pages

Released 10 November 2014

In a Nutshell
This is such a thoroughly researched and engaging thriller, full of ‘sciency’ detail that gives a great authenticity. Amy Rogers has written a cracker that deserves to be discovered by thousands of readers. Everything about this captivating book was amazing. It was quite simply, exhausting. It’s another one for my 2017 favorites list.

See my full review HERE.


VINYL (Book 1) by Sophia Elaine Hanson 

Kindle Edition | Young Adult | Dystopia | Steampunk | Science Fiction | 353 pages

In a Nutshell
This book is one of those surprises that seem to pop up every so often. Vinyl is a great read that I’m so glad I discovered. I will definitely continue with this series and search out other books by this author. Great job. I recommend this one to Hunger Games and Maze Runner fans.

See my full review HERE.


HOLLOW CITY (Miss Peregrine 2) by Ransom Riggs

Kindle Edition | Young Adult | Fantasy | 428 pages

In a Nutshell
This is a wonderful follow-up to book 1 (it was even better than 1). It’s a peculiar adventure that’s irresistible. Recommended for everyone. There were some great twists that I didn’t see coming, which added another dimension of excitement to the story. I have to admit that the end of the book took me by surprise. I wasn’t ready. I wanted more, but then it was done. 

See my full review HERE. 


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