This is a reblog of a reblog. Talent is an understatement. You just have to see this video…….enjoy.

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The Long Pause of Writing

I’m currently headlong into writing the third book of The Quest Series (The Fallen Pharaoh) and I’m really enjoying the process. I have a great plot embedded in my imagination and it’s very difficult to focus on anything else. The words are flowing freely and I’m getting caught up in the excitement and pace of the […]

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Originally posted on Michelle Isenhoff:
(Here’s where to find free Kindle apps for your phone, ipod/ipad, etc.) How to read ebooks on a pc is a topic that seems to be popping up around me a lot lately, especially from kids who do not own ereaders.  So it was time for a concise post on this…

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Uploaded ….. eBook launched.

Well…. after a long road I’ve finally uploaded my first novel to Amazon. I have mixed emotions … excited … cautious … humbled … nervous … and so on. What if people love my story? What if people hate my story? What if …. What if …. What if? As I always say, nothing ventured […]

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It’s cover time!

Well, over recent days I’ve managed to sort all of my formatting based on the Kindle guidelines and I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with the look of the Kindle file and how the book will look on an eReader.  I had no major issues so my experience with Word over the years seems […]

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