Hidden Treasures of New York City – City Hall Station

New York City is filled with hidden treasures. The ones that we all know about are obvious on the surface. Central Park. Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center. Statue of Liberty. Times Square. Broadway. Wall Street. It’s impossible to list them all here but I think you know what I mean – NYC has so much […]

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The Perfect Illusion

The Subway series is S.W. Lothian’s latest work. It’s an original take on the dystopian thriller perfect for fans of The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, and The 5th Wave. The first book, SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA, is full of incredible characters who find themselves caught up in a life-changing story with some amazing twists that […]

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The world should know everything I want, and give it to me because I exist. My exciting new thriller series is coming soon.Keep an eye out for SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA#youngadult #yalit #Dystopian #thriller #wilandcass pic.twitter.com/zFqHSc8llf — SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA (@palliatopia) November 6, 2016

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