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This year I have tried to mix up my reading, as I am currently writing books in two genres, YA and MG. There has been a definite increase in my reading of YA and Contemporary books, but I have endeavoured to read a good selection of MG as well.

Each of the books listed below have been reviewed on here during 2015. It’s time to reminisce and you may like to click back to the original review for a refresher. Have a great 2016 everyone.

THE 5TH WAVE (5th Wave #1)
Rick Yancey | YA Dystopian | 

The 5th Wave Book 1Although there were a few parts that confused me, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. There’s plenty on offer. Suspense. Hopelessness. Danger. Betrayal. Trust. Romance. Family. It’s a good start to a series.  I liked it and I’m looking forward to the movie early 2016.
My full December review is HERE.

| Agatha Christie | Mystery Crime |

Miss Marple 1

This is such a cosy mystery written many years ago, in much simpler times. IMO, the real strength of this book is the authenticity of the characters and the signature mystery synonymous with Agatha Christie. She really is a true mystery solver.
My full December review is HERE.

ELIZABETH’S LEGACY (Royal Institute of Magic #1)
| Victor Kloss | MG Fantasy |

ROYAL INSTITUTE 1Elizabeth’s Legacy is a good start to a series, and the search for Ben’s parents is set to continue into next books. It’s natural for other wizarding books to come to mind, but I think the author has succeeded in building a world sufficiently different to those that we already know.
My full December review is HERE.

OMEGA RISING (Omega Force #1)
| Joshua Dalzelle | Action SciFi |

 Omega Rising 1An entertaining book that propels us through some white knuckle adventures in the depths of space with a haphazard crew.

I’d describe it as the A Team in space (without the comedy). I’m keen to read book 2.
My full December review is HERE.

Julie Anne Grasso | MG Mystery |

Frankie DuPont 3It’s another good mystery, solved by a keen young detective that is sure to inspire young readers.

Recommended for ages 8+.

My full December review is HERE.

THE CAMELOT KIDS (Parts 3 & 4)
| Ben Zackheim | MG Fantasy |

Camelot Kids Book 1An entertaining read, which I recommend you read as a complete book, rather than separate parts 1-4. I’m sure that it would be a better way to follow the story. Recommended for fans of adventure with mystery and a little magic thrown into the mix.
My full November review is HERE.

STONE OF FIRE (Arkane #1)
| J.F. Penn | Action Thriller |

Stone of FireAt times, I did find that the historical religious detail a bit overwhelming, but it was an entertaining read. It’s thoroughly researched and set in some spectacular locations. One thing stood out. Morgan’s family was her motivation, not the legendary power of the stones.
My full October review is HERE.

| Andy Weir | SciFi |

The MartianMy top pick for 2015. Don’t let all of the technical scientific explanation deter you. Some detail was hard to fully grasp, but the underlying story of human spirit, ingenuity and never giving up was absolutely inspiring.

My full October review is HERE.

THE THRONE OF FIRE (Kane Chronicles #2)
| Rick Riordan | MG/YA Fantasy/Mythology | 

The Throne of FireI felt that the Throne of Fire was a more enjoyable read than The Red Pyramid. It’s filled with that typical RR mix of mythology and humour, and has perked my interest to read on to book three. I’ll try not to leave it as long before reading the next book.
My full August review is HERE.

ENCLAVE (Razorland #1)
| Ann Aguirre | YA Dystopian | 

EnclaveThis book is great at showing that society is built on what one generation passes on to the next. It clearly shows the paths taken by different isolated groups can make them so different, but yet so similar. It’s a good read, but be warned about the sudden ending.
My full August review is HERE.

| Cheryl Carpinello | YA Historical/Fantasy |

Sons of the SphinxThis was an entertaining time-travel adventure with a twist. It succeeds with a nice blend of fact and fiction. Recommended for fans of ancient Egypt who like a little magic mixed in. A good story for teens and adults who are young at heart.
My full July review is HERE.

| J.K. Rowling | MG/YA Fantasy |

HP 5Each time I re-read these books I love them more.  A great instalment to the series that takes us through the tough personal conflicts of our hero, while he continues to battle the darkness that lurks all around. It’s a no brainer that this book would appeal to all HP fans.
My full July review is HERE.

| Matthew Reilly | Action Thriller |

The Great Zoo of ChinaThe Great Zoo of China is a cool book with a wild plot, plenty of action and an impressive setting on a grand scale.
I enjoyed the read, but not as much as MR’s other books.

My full June review is HERE.

| Julie Anne Grasso | MG Mystery |

Frankie DuPont 2This is another fun filled Frankie mystery that will definitely interest young budding detectives. It’s a great mystery that starts with a humble pie and ends in … I’m not telling.
Recommended for ages 8+.

My full May review is HERE.

| Eleanor Coerr | MG True Story |

Sadako and the Thousand Paper CranesThanks to the author for sharing this story with the world. It’s so great that the battle of a young girl like Sadako continues to inspire so many, years after her tragic passing.
Recommended for readers 8+.

My full May review is HERE.

THE DEATH CURE  (Maze Runner 3)
| James Dashner | YA Dystopian |

The Death CureI can see why this series has a huge and faithful fan base, and I’m glad to call myself one of them.  Recommended for readers who enjoy action filled with twists, tricks and lies, and relish the uncertainty of not knowing what to believe as they read.
My full April review is HERE.

MOCKINGJAY (Hunger Games 3)
| Suzanne Collins | YA Dystopian |

HG 3 MockingjayThe Hunger Games is a brilliant series. I’m glad that I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined its fans. Even though I was a little disappointed with the outcome of this final book, I recommend it to all dystopian fans.

My full April review is HERE.

| John Green | YA Contemporary |

The Fault in our StarsThis book rekindled things I’ve often felt during my daughter’s Cancer journey. The absolute dread, the sadness, the fear, the helplessness, the waste. And even the guilt that she survived, while others we met along the way weren’t so lucky.
My full April review is HERE.

| Melanie Abed | MG Fantasy |

Anni Moon and the Elemental ArtifactAn enchanting tale, Anni Moon’s adventures should appeal to young girls that dream of magical places. Her strength of character should also teach some valuable lessons.
Recommended for readers 8+.

My full March review is HERE.

STELLARCADIA (Adventures of Caramel Cardamom 3)
| Julie Anne Grasso | MG SciFi | 

StellarcadiaThis is a fun adventure that Caramel Cardamom fans will lap up like a trough of cupcakes.

Recommended for 8+ readers who like a good mystery.

My full February review is HERE.

CATCHING FIRE (Hunger Games 2)
| Suzanne Collins | YA Dystopian |

HG 2 Catching FireA great second instalment in the Hunger Games Trilogy. I loved this one as much as book 1. It held me captive from start to finish.
Recommended for anyone with a love of characters who overcome hopeless situations and exciting plot twists.
My full February review is HERE.

THE HUNGER GAMES (Hunger Games 1)
| Suzanne Collins | YA Dystopian |

HG 1 Hunger GamesI must confess… I have become a Hunger Games fan. It’s a great read.
Recommended for anyone who likes to support the underdog, and who isn’t put off by romance or violence.

My full February review is HERE.

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  1. I love your list – since I agree with you on the ones I’ve read, I’ll have to add all the others to my TBR list. Ooops.


    1. Ah yes… the TBR that never ends. Looking back, it was quite a mix of books for me this year.


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