My Visit to the Brady Bunch House

One of the odd things about blogging is that you never know what will be popular with visitors. Of course, you have the core base of followers who are interested in the main subject area of the blog (books, travel, adventure), and they do drop by whenever there is something that interests them. On the […]

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Subway | Palliatopia is on its way.

SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA Here’s an early blurb. In a world that’s self-obsessed, every moment is shared, and every move is posted. If you don’t follow, you don’t care. Those who don’t care, aren’t worth the time. The city of New York grows by half a million people per annum. Each year over 20,000 people go missing – […]

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I’ve just hit 80k words in the first book of my thrilling new ‪YA series. It’s called SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA. Follow my progress to its launch on Twitter @palliatopia @swlothian @feed_c  and … Like my SUBWAY | PALLIATOPIA page on Facebook (click below) to keep up to date with the latest news on this brilliant […]

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